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Next class starting June 6th, 2020

COVID-19 Update: to help you stay up to date we made all our courses for free until July 2020. The initiative is reserved for students living in the most affected areas. At the moment, it is available for students from Italy, China, and Iran. We are closely monitoring the situation and we don’t exclude taking extra measures as we go. Stay safe!


Your future starts here

We are on a mission to create the next generation of business developers. We believe everyone is unique and we think business development is the right path for ambitious individuals who want to discover their true potential.

We are here to teach you all we know to make you a successful business development professional!


That's the impact we aim for

“The course is individually taken and tailored to your own needs, both personal and business-wise. Taking the BD course really helped me set a clear path for LUTTO’s future.”

the bd school quirine wissink

Quirine Wissink


"The course was really practical and gave me usable tools and format to implement with clients and add value to my offer"

the bd school testimonial erica pew

Erica Pew


“The BD School has truly changed my way of working and helped me get all the insights and strategies I needed to develop myself and succeed in my career.”


Lluis Millet Escrivà


“The BD School allowed us to save a tremendous amount of time when training our new hires. It also helped us improve our overall strategy and achieve faster our goals.”


Juan-Pablo Angarita


“TBDS helped me shape a better mindset about my business. They helped me understand the importance of knowing my customers and offering the right solution”


Rowan de Geus



Your success starts with education


You will learn in a practical way all you need to start a career in business development


Your teachers are business development professionals working in the field everyday


Follow the online course from wherever you are by scheduling a time that fits your schedule


Get access to our international network and find jobs in the hottest European startups 

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What you will learn

Next class starting February 29th 2020



In this first class, you will learn the basics of business development. Starting from its definition, all the way to career development. You will leave this session with a clear overview of what your future can potentially be.

After this class you will:

Own the business development mindset



In this class we will introduce you the main 4 business development strategies. You will learn the basics of sales, marketing, product and strategic partnerships. We will run practical exercises and use them on real business cases.

After this class you will:

Own the basics of strategic business development



In this class, we will introduce you to the main business development tactics to identify your target audience, generate leads, approach potential clients and partners, build valuable connections and generate value. We will use roleplays and business cases.

After this class you will:

Master the main business development tactics


Soft skills

In this class, we will introduce you to the main soft skills necessary for business development. We will practice research, communication, negotiation and how to be more productive. We will practice with roleplays, exercises and business cases.

After this class you will:

Master the main business development skills



In this class, we will focus on career development. We will teach you how to find jobs in the digital era, how to restyle your CV, how to run a successful interview and how to build the career of your dreams.

After this class you will:

Find your dream job


Some tools to make you successful

Virtual classes

You will meet your trainer online every week, for 2 hours for the entire length of the course

Q&A sessions

Your trainer will be available for 1 hour a week to answer any question or clarification

Homework & Exercises

Every week, you will receive homework and exercise to practice what you just learned


Upon completion of the Business development course, you will receive an official certification

Access to our community

You will get access to our online community where you will meet other students


You will be connected with recruiters and career advisors to build your dream future


Hi, I’m your coach!

Lucia Piseddu

I spent the last 10 years working in business development. In the coming weeks I’ll share my experience with you. Together we will go on an amazing journey that will give you solid basis to build the future you deserve!



5-week intensive course to build the career of your dreams!

  • Pay only if hired*
  • Learn a new job from scratch
  • Homework & Exercises
  • Access to the community
  • Access to recruitment network
  • Certificate

Business Development Course

Questions I had before taking the course

1. Who can enroll to this course?

This course is designed for everyone who is ambitious and wants to go beyond their limits. Because the course is focused on career building, it is open to professionals looking for their next career step in business development. Our students are aware that there is always something more to achieve and they are not afraid to push their limits. You don’t need to be in business for a decade or even studied business related topics. All you need is to be hungry for success, be willing to invest on yourself and be open to the new opportunities that will come your way. 

Our mission is to help you find your true potential and teach you the skills and knowledge that will help you find the job of your dreams. Business development is an amazing field. It’s creative, exciting and can really change your life in ways you don’t expect. If you are willing to learn, to challenge yourself and enter uncharted water then we are the right school for you.

We will teach you all we know about business development with one goal: allowing you to build a brilliant career!

2. How can I apply?

In order to be accepted in the course, you will have a first intake call to assess your case.

If you pass the first screening you will need to send us your CV and a video explaining why you are fit for this program. 

We will then select the most inspiring stories from people who truly want to change their future. We will make these students the best business developers in the market and we will help them find the job they wish for. 

Do you have what it takes? Click apply or send an email to: and we will be in touch soon!

3. When does the course start?

The next classes will start on January 11th, 2020 and it’s fully online. We are based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. If you are based in a different time zone please contact us at and we will arrange the lectures to fit your needs. 

4. What is the modality of the course?

The course is online and can be done 100% remotely. The course lasts 5 weeks and every week you will meet your trainer for 2 hours. In addition, every Thursday we host a 1-hour Q&A session where you can ask clarifications or any other question about what you just learned. The session is hosted weekly in our exclusive student’s community. 

5. How many hours per week does the course require

In order to successfully complete the course, you will have to follow each lesson every week over the course of 4 weeks. The duration of each lesson is 2 hours. Each class includes homework that you will have to execute by yourself in the days following the class. The estimated time to complete the homework is around 2 hours. In total, you will invest about 20 hours over the course of 5 weeks. At the end of the course you will take part to a final test. If you successfully pass the test you will receive a certificate of completion that you can use to increase your value in the market.

6. What happens after I enroll to the course

After successfully enrolling to the course you will receive an email by one of our trainers. This email will include a link to your first lecture and some course materials to prepare. Our trainers will keep in touch throughout the entire length of the course, making sure everything is easy for you. You can contact us at any time using the “Contact us” form or by sending an email to

7. How much does the course cost?

After receiving the applications, we will carefully review them and select the stories that inspired us the most. Because our mission is to enable individuals to build successful business development careers, the course is completely free. You will only pay when you will find a job in the following months. The cost is 1.499,00 € that you will pay after starting working at your new employer.  If you don’t find a job, the course is on us. We believe in you and we want to be part of your success sharing all we know about business development.

8. Can I opt for installment payments?

Yes, we have an installment plan! After successfully finding a job, you can pay the course in 3 months (€500 per month). You will sign a payment agreement when you will enroll in the course. 

Ready to start your learning journey?

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